by Professor Chad Jenkins

(based onĀ Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss, adapted in reference to training a TAMER agent to play Tetris)

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Knox drops blocks.
Bricks for clocks.

Knox drops blocks on bricks for clocks.
Bricks on Blocks and Knox sweats clocks.

Clocks in bricks and blocks on ticks.

Knox with bricks come.
Knox with blocks come.Knox in box
Knox with bricks and blocks and clocks come.

Look, sir. Look, sir. Mr. Knox, sir.
Let’s do tricks with bricks and blocks, sir.
Let’s do tricks with chicks and clocks, sir.

First, I’ll make a quick trick brick stack.
Then I’ll make a quick trick block stack.

You can make a quick trick chick stack.
You can make a quick trick clock stack.

And here’s a new trick, Mr. Knox….
Socks on chicks and chicks on Knox.
Knox on clocks on bricks and blocks.
Bricks and blocks on Knox on box.tweetle_beetles_0

Now we come to ticks and tocks, sir.
Try to say this Mr. Knox, sir….

Clocks on Knox tick.
Clocks on Knox tock.
Six sick bricks tick.
Six sick chicks tock.

Please, sir. I don’t like this trick, sir.

My tongue isn’t quick or slick, sir.
I get all those ticks and clocks, sir,
mixed up with the chicks and tocks, sir.
I can’t do it, Mr. Knox, sir.

I’m so sorry, Mr. Knox, sir.