The Personal Robots Group at the MIT Media Lab is looking for participants for a research study and is offering an opportunity for you and your children to visit with one of our robots in our lab!


If you are interested in participating, please select a time slot at this link:

or simply contact David Nunez (, 512-366-3330) or Dr. Brad Knox (

We are offering a $10 Amazon gift card as a small token of appreciation for your time, and we hope you and your child will learn about our research as a result of taking part in the study.

To be able to take part in this study, you must be over the age of 18, and your child  must be 4–7 years old. You must also be able to meet for 30 minutes at the MIT Media Lab, 20 Ames St, Cambridge MA.

Furthermore, we are offering an additional Amazon gift card for every other parent you refer to our study!

Simply direct your referral to the sign-up link at and make sure they put your name in the form.

More information about the study:

We are trying to understand how parents and children interact with tablet computers during early literacy development and testing how a robot might likewise interact with a child to build the child’s language and literacy skills.

If you take part in this study you and your child will be asked to sit and work with tablet computer software, your child will be asked to interact with the tablet software and a robot under your supervision, and you and/or your child will be asked to complete a short questionnaires at various points of the study and participate in a short interview. Your faces and voices will be videotaped during the session for research purposes.