Personal Robots Group at MIT is recruiting kids and parents for a study!

The Personal Robots Group at the MIT Media Lab is looking for participants for a research study and is offering an opportunity for you and your children to visit with one of our robots in our lab! If you are interested in participating, please select a time slot at this link: or simply contact […]

What is a robot?

I was contacted by Newsweek reporter Drake Bennett and later quoted in his entertaining (and grumpily titled) article on the definition of a robot. You can read the story here:¬†Everything Is Not a Damn Robot. Though I am ignorant of the process of officially determining the definition of a word, OED-style, I nonetheless ventured to […]

Highlighting facial features in the 3D mesh from Kinect SDK 1.7

One of my current projects involves visualizing people’s facial expressions as detected through Kinect data. I’m using Kinect SDK 1.7 and the corresponding toolkit for face tracking (Microsoft.Kinect.Toolkit.FaceTracking). The documentation for face tracking is somewhat light and lacks full information about indices of the 3D mesh received by calling Get3DShape() in a FaceTrackFrame instance (in […]